Friday, June 16, 2006 last

I haven't been too good about keeping this thing updated lately. We have been pretty busy and Nae was out of town for all of the past week. He came back yesterday which also happened to be his birthday. Emma was so kind to come down and help me so the time went by quickly. Here's some pictures of what we've been up to.
Mya and Gabe were so happy to have Daddy home. Here they are all posing after helping Nae open up his birthday presents.
Gabe and Mya modeling their new t-shirts that daddy brought back from his trip.
This is sooo Gabe. He's going to be an entertainer or something. His hat is from the "balloon man" at Chic a fila and he loves the light sticks which he calls "rings" who knew they could be so fun.
Mya is so close to crawling and has been for about two weeks. She can get up, go backwards, and even flops forward but still hasn't figured out how to move forward very efficiently. She can sit herself back up now and I don't think it will be long and she'll be all over the house.
Mya eats like you would not believe. Here is that cute little face after an especially good meal.

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