Sunday, June 25, 2006

Look who's crawling!

After several weeks of almost being there, Mya is finally on the move. She started crawling earlier this past week, but it wasn't until yesterday that she was really moving all over the house. You can see from the middle picture that her form is kinda funny - she tucks one leg under her, but it certainly works to get her where she wants to go. We are all adjusting to putting things up out of her reach. This has been especially hard on Gabriel who was very used to bringing his sister toys he wanted her to have, but not used to her getting into those toys he didn't want her to have. We're about to have a crash course on sharing! We can't believe our little Mya is to this point already.


Anne Howell said...

I know that this baby cannot be big enough to crawl!!!! These were not on when I looked yesterday morning! Love you all!

Mandi said...

We so enjoy seeing the pictures of the kids!!
BTW, your piano wouldn't happen to be a Wurlitzer, would it? It looks identical to mine, from what I can see in the picture. ;-)