Monday, May 17, 2010

The birthday weekend

Okay, I'm finally getting around to putting some more of Alena's birthday pictures up. We had a playdate at the park on Friday to celebrate with some of her friends. It turned out to be really hot and humid as you can tell from all of the red faces and then right after we left it started to pour the rain.
Picnik collage
Sunday birthdays are hard - we were so busy with church stuff all day that we decided to do our family celebrating on Saturday night with dinner out and the same blue cupcakes. Alena wanted chocolate cake with blue icing and then she did all the decorating herself. It worked very nicely to let her decorate and we just might do that for future birthdays.
Picnik collage
I tried asking Alena the questions from our little birthday survey but I don't think she's quite old enough she was giving me the craziest answers so I think we'll wait until next year to start that.

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