Tuesday, September 01, 2009

4 weeks

I can't believe that Eden is four weeks old already. Everyday as part of Gabe's math work he fills in the date on a calendar, and whenever it is Tuesday he says, "Today is Eden's birthday." The past four weeks have gone by so fast and we have all enjoyed getting to know this new little person. Equally as hard to believe is how well she filled out this little onesie. It's newborn size but she won't be wearing it many more times which is too bad because it's so cute.
I love to kiss those squishy little cheeks.

I just know that Alena will be our first child to end up with a broken bone. She is a little dare devil and there's very few things she's afraid to try. One of her favorite things to do outside is to swing and you can forget the baby swing. She wants the big swing and hollars, "Push me faster! Push me faster!" Thankfully, she's really good about holding on and hasn't fallen off any.

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Carrie Cornett said...

Nana got Ra that little onesie outfit with the duck on the bottom! It was always a favorite...