Sunday, August 30, 2009

Silly kiddos

When I posted the pictures yesterday, I neglected to mention that the reason there were none of Gabriel was because he was gone to his first over-night birthday party that evening. I was a little worried that he wouldn't stay but when he got home and I asked him if he missed us he said, "No, and I could have stayed a whole week!" He had a great time.
The weather was wonderful here this evening so we enjoyed our dinner of chicken nuggets and oatmeal (Gabriel) out on the deck this evening. The girls were being so silly.

and here Gabriel gets in the mix as well
Alena's stuffing her mouth with chips in this one
and finally, some pictures of Eden with her eyes open:

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Chrisa said...

We LOVE the new camera pics!! Those kiddos are SO CUTE...Sam and I've been here laughing at how adorable they are! :)

Love ya'll!
Chrisa and Sam