Sunday, August 16, 2009

Very random...

I have been trying for several days to get these pictures on and every time something would happen and they wouldn't upload. Hopefully they'll work this time, though.

We enjoyed a visit on Thursday night from Nae's brother Nee and his wife Teng. They also brought with them their two kiddos Savannah and Simon. Somehow we didn't get any pictures of 3 month old Simon but here are the other cousins. Gabe directed a show (that's him in the back with the swords) and played the piano very expressively while the girls danced for us. They also threw in some magic tricks and puppeteering. They had us all cracking up.
This luna moth hung out on our porch for a couple days. We did a little google research and learned that luna moths have no mouth and thus do not eat and they only live for about 5 days laying hundreds of eggs during that time.
Grandmama made the girls their own slings just like Mommy's to carry their baby dolls around in. Somehow I haven't managed to get a picture of both of them carrying babies at the same time, but here's Alena modeling hers.
Another picture of our little pumpkin this time with her eyes (barely) open which doesn't occur very often. She's been a really easy baby so far but we'll see if it continues.

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