Saturday, August 22, 2009

School and an archaeological dig

Because life isn't crazy enough around here adding a new baby and all, we started school this week. We've been doing some preschool stuff at home for a few years and will continue to do so with Mya and Alena but Gabriel begins Kindergarten this year. After Labor Day he will be attending a home school co-op one day a week but we decided to go ahead and get started giving us some time to get into a routine.

Here are the "First day of school pictures." They all decorated signs with their age and/or grade but Alena is covering her's up so you can't tell what it says.

Uncle Sam and Aunt Chrisa stopped by for a short visit this week to meet their newest niece.
We've found all kinds of interesting bugs lately and Gabe found and photographed this stick bug walking upside down on the swing set.
Eden taking it easy. Has she really been here less than three weeks - it already seems like forever, and yesterday was her due date.
For history this week, we talked about what archaeologist do and last night had our own little archaeological dig in the sand box. The kids picked out different things to bury and then used toothbrushes and small shovels to unearth the items. I couldn't believe how long it took them to find everything and one plastic neckalce is still missing. They really got into this and came out ready to dig dressed like archaeologists. Here's Mya's version:
and Gabe's:
This is definitely something I'll remember and do again when we've run out of fun activities.

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Chrisa said...

Mya is definitely my kind of archeologist! There's never an occassion when its NOT appropriate to wear a formal dress! :)