Tuesday, July 07, 2009

From the Hospital...part 1

So, I know a post without pictures isn't really much of a post but many of you have probably already heard that baby and I are in the hospital so I wanted to give a little update. I came in to the hospital early Sunday morning with off and on contractions and was immediately admitted and put on a magnesium drip. Thankfully, the mag has seemed to do the trick and the contractions have stopped so now I just lay in this hospital bed and allow time to pass and baby to grow. The doctor will re-evaluate on Friday and perhaps then talk about letting me go home on bed rest. I will be 34 weeks on Friday so we need to hang on just a little longer. I am so thankful that despite this inconvenience, the baby remains healthy, I have been able to tolerate the magnesium with little side affects, and family has jumped in to help with our other children. We certainly couldn't do this on our own. Please continue to pray with us for a healthy baby and I'll try to keep this updated as things change.


Julie said...

got your cover in the mail this afternoon but hopefully you can hold out a couple of more weeks

roadrunner201 said...

I am so sorry to hear this:-( I will be praying for you.

~A fellow Covenant grad