Friday, June 26, 2009

Splish splash it's hot outside (and in)

So, we had to survive a few hours this afternoon/evening without air conditioning. It was only 100 degrees outside and got up to 86 degrees inside but alas, Nae and a friend from work were able to get it going a few hours ago (thankfully!!). To pass the time, and cool off a little bit, I filled the little plastic pool up after a dinner of Subway and the kids had the best time in there. That's the way it goes, one day they beg and beg to play in the water, I fill it up, and they play 20 minutes and are ready to come in. The next time, they'll play until I make them come inside; you just never know.

The little slide Mya is on provides lots of entertainment as they can pour water on it and go down fast splashing into the pool. It doesn't seem to matter that Gabe and Mya can sit at the top and their feet are already in the water.

On another note, the whole paci takeaway thing has been a total non issue. Alena hasn't cried for her paci even one time and if she does mention them then I'll just ask her what happened to her paci. She'll say, "They broken. I throw them in the trash." and that's it. I really can't believe it as I was all prepared for a battle at bedtime/naptime. Like I said, with kids you just never know...

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Julie said...

I'm glad y'all survived the heat. The same thing happened the summer I was pregnant with Stephen. It got hotter and hotter, Doug was unavailable, and calls to our home warranty company were slow. Eventually it dawned on me that Andrew had been asking about a particular switch in the garage earlier in the day, and it turns out he had flipped the blower off. Thankfully that was an easy fix!