Monday, May 18, 2009

California...the first part

This week, Nae and I are on our long awaited trip to California were Nae has a conference for a few days. Grandmama and Aunt Carrie are very graciously manning the fort back home and all 5 children (our 3 plus Carrie's 2) seem to be having a great time. Nae and I miss them, though.
We flew into San Fransisco Saturday afternoon and here is the view from right outside our motel and also were the planes land/take-off. We probably saw 20 planes come in right over the water while we took a short 30 minute stroll.
In San Fransisco you can see just about anything being used as a tour bus. Of course there are the trolleys and cable cars we also saw a fire truck and a boat on wheels and here is an open top double decker bus we didn't ride, though after walking a few of the many very steep hills in the city I was very ready to catch a ride.
A view from the top of one of the hills we had to climb.
We visited the original Ghiradelli store and of course had to try out some of their desserts. I'll let you guess which one is Nae's and which is mine.
On Saturday we saw China town, Fishermans' Warf and just generally walked around the city. On Sunday our plan was to drive out and see some of the coast as well as the Muir Forest where the giant RedWoods are located. I guess that was everyone else's plan as well. The traffic was terrible and add that to the fact that there was some big race in San Fransisco and it was a nightmare getting out of the city. Took us 2 hours to get to the Golden Gate Bridge and then traffic was so backed up on the interstate we didn't even attempt getting off to see any of the beaches. Here is the Golden Gate Bridge as we were driving across, though. We are now in Napa Valley staying at the Silverado Resort where Nae has his conference, but maybe on the way back to the airport on Wednesday we'll at least get to stop and walk across the bridge.
Tonight is our dinner train ride through wine country so I'll try to take some more pics. This life is nice, but I wouldn't trade our crazy life at home for anything.

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Julie said...

Glad y'all had fun in the "gay" city of San Francisco (it's a quote from Maybelle the Cable Car by Sandra Lee Burton). I still remember bits and pieces from when I was 6 or so (a frightening experience of seeing mohawked skateboarders with huge boomboxes in Fisherman's Wharf). Enjoy yourselves.