Friday, May 22, 2009

California...Part 2

Even though we both enjoyed seeing San Fransisco for a day, it wasn't until we were in Napa Valley that the restful part of our vacation came (at least for me, Nae had to go to his conference every day). The resort was quiet, and the weather was beautiful so I spent most of my time either on our deck or by the pool reading. In fact I read 4 books while we were gone. Probably more than I've read the last 6 months combined. I would meet Nae for lunch and then every evening there was a dinner for us to go to.

There was basically no grass at all in Napa Valley. Every available piece of space was covered in grapes as you can see in this picture taken from the wine train window which is why it looks a little blurry.

Here are Nae and I ready to go on the wine train.
Of course, I forgot our camera the night we ate at a winery which turned out to be the neatest thing we did while there. We ate by candle light in the cellar where all the wine was stored and the food was so good. A couple people we were with did take some pictures so hopefully I can get copies of those. This picture of me and Nae was taken at the bay right outside our hotel.
We stopped by the Golden Gate Bridge on our way to the airport on Wednesday and walked part of it. What an incredible thing - it's just amazing how they built that thing and it was cold and windy up there! Nae said he looks like a Chinese tourist in this picture but I like it so I'm going to put it on here anyway.
We read that the bridge is continually being re-painted to keep it from rusting. What a job that would be.
We had a great vacation without the kids, but both of us missed them terribly and we were very glad to get back home. Gabe at least seemed to miss us while we were gone, Mya could have stayed a few more weeks without us, and Alena was just plain mad. She wouldn't even look at me when we got home. Today she seems to have recovered, though. I don't know what she's going to do when Mommy is gone and comes back with a baby!

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Julie said...

Hey, if you had known you were going to get such a homecoming, you should have stayed a few days. Glad you had fun. You'll have to send me a book report:)