Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Kite flying fun

Gabe got this kite a few weeks ago but hadn't gotten a chance to fly it yet. This evening after Nae got home, they decided it was a good windy day for kite flying and they did actually get it up in the air a few times (it's from the Dollar Tree so we couldn't expect too much.) I love these pictures because they show Gabriel's pure joy and excitement. He was moving the entire time - even when the kite was up in the air he was still jumping up and down and running around.

Julie, do you see the knees of these pants? This is why our pants hand-me-down supply is dwindling. There is just no way that I can get them clean. At least he is having fun and getting exercise in the process of ruining his clothes :)

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Julie said...

It's sad to know hand-me-down days are coming to an end (at least in the world of pants). Shortly after we talked about this a few months ago, Andrew ripped a knee of his only pair of khakis, and Stephen tore a favorite pair of jean's (he was thrilled b/c they're like Daddy's). I had been afraid of having too many things, but as I see the wear & tear, I'm thinking #4 may have to have a brand new, second-hand wardrobe.