Thursday, December 11, 2008


Make sure that your volume is not too loud before watching the following video. Your ears will thank you.

We are on our third straight day of rain here which is good for the plants, but not so good for my sanity. I don't know what's worse, their singing/playing or the fact that I let this go on for at least 30 minutes just because I couldn't think of anything else for them to do. Also, you can't see Alena in this video but rest assured that she was there as well - all the screaming in the beginning, yep, that's her.


Julie said...

You poor thing! We did get a brief reprieve yesterday afternoon and I sent the boys out. They decided to dig holes in the front yard, but to me, that was a small price to pay. Hope the weather clears soon.

Amy said...

Perhaps you should request some racing type earmuffs for Christmas. My friend's husband races in the Hooters Cup series and she let me try on her "muffs" one day when our kids were pretending to be a rock band... You wouldn't believe how much noise they block out!! I already put in a request for some. :)