Friday, December 12, 2008

Early morning SNOW

So, what were you doing at 8am this morning. Bet it wasn't this:
There was much excitement at our house late yesterday evening when it started to snow and the excitement continued on into this morning when Gabe was up at 6:30 wanting to go out. I managed to hold them off long enough to eat breakfast and get dressed and then they were ready to go.
This was really Mya's first time in the snow since last year she was too little to enjoy doing much. She stayed out as long as Gabe did even though she had this look on her face that said, "I'm not sure about this." Oh, and she has Vaseline on her face to keep it from getting chapped; I know it looks like snot.
Not sure what Gabe was doing with his eyes in this picture. It looks kind of creepy.
Alena and I chose to stay inside where it was warm. Or actually, I chose for Alena and she wasn't too happy about it. Nothing a granola bar couldn't cure, though.
By 10 the snow was melting and by lunch time it was all gone which is just fine by me. I used to feel sad for my kids that this is the only snow they would ever know - an inch or so once or twice a year, but now I think the less snow the better. We'll visit Grandmama and Grandaddy if we want to see real snow.

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