Friday, October 24, 2008

Our preschool projects

For Gabe's preschool work this year (and Mya participates too, of course) I've been using a book entitled Five in a Row. The general idea is you read the same story once every day for five days, and each day you do a different little project/activity that goes along with the book. We're also working on reading, printing, etc but this little part of our morning is usually the most fun for the kids.

Anyway, we've been reading A Pair of Red Clogs this week. The book is set in Japan so today we made some "sushi" I'm not usually one to try food projects with the kids, but this one was very easy and turned out pretty cute, I thought.

We all thought it tasted better than real sushi - we'll leave the real sushi eating to Daddy!

Another day we talked about how in the book the Grandmother is reminiscing and telling a story about something that happened when she was little. I had Gabe tell me a story about something that he remembered happening, I wrote it down and he illustrated his little "book." He picked a story I would have never thought of: when were coming home from the beach this summer, we stopped at a small restaurant for breakfast and while there we got to meet a man who played the harmonica. Here's his version of the story (this is mostly for the fam since it probably won't make since if you weren't there. Also, sorry about the poor videoing - I was trying to video over Gabe's shoulder. Hope it won't make you motion sick) Notice that Gabe still calls a harmoinca a "remoninca." That just cracks me up!

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