Sunday, September 07, 2008

A trip to the duck pond

We enjoyed the great weather this evening by going downtown to Centennial Park. This park has a large pond with a walkway as well as lots of play equipment and open green space. The kids favorite part of this park, however are the ducks and geese that eagerly swim up to get any handouts. I don't believe we've been to this park all summer so this was a really fun outing for all of us.

Taking a break on the swing and eating a little snack - this was the best group shot I could get. This little guy was very brave and would run right up under the swing to grab any crumbs.
Feeding the ducks.
Alena had to stay in the stroller for most of the duck feeding because neither Nae or I were really interested in jumping in that nasty water to fetch her. We did give her some bread to throw but she just ate it instead. (It wasn't stale or anything, Grandmama.)

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