Thursday, September 04, 2008


Alena had her first real injury yesterday and under my watch too (Nae wants to make sure that's known). We were doing some work at our church and she pulled a heavy wooden rocking toy over. Thankfully, it didn't hit her, but somehow during the fall she managed to bite a huge gash out of her tongue and leave teeth marks on her chin as well. She's been a real trooper, though and it could have been much worse. Her poor little mouth - not only does she have a sore tongue, but she's also gotten three molars in this week (and has the runny nose and cough to go along with it. ) You can see in the pictures that all of this mouth trauma has brought with it lots of drool - I changed her clothes 3 times today just because they were soaking wet! but at least she still has her cute little smile. I hope that never goes away!

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Anne said...

First of all - please tell me that Alena is not playing with a jump drive!!!!! or whatever that thing is called!!!! Glad her mouth is doing better! I LOVE the new blog update - very nice - you did a great job!
love to ALL!