Monday, July 21, 2008

Play Ball!!!

I picked up this little bat and tee at a yard sale recently, and we decided to try it out this evening. Now granted, it would make more since to play in the backyard which is flat, but it has been so hot, and only the front yard has any shade at this time of day. This meant, of course that every time someone hit, the ball had to be chased down the hill and usually into another driveway. This wasn't necessarily a bad thing as they tired out very quickly and went right to bed tonight.

Gabe loved smacking the ball as hard as he possibly could. Only problem, he had a hard time remembering to make sure everyone was out of the way. The very first ball he hit (it's plastic by the way) got Mya who was standing about 4 feet away, right in the nose. Ouch!!
Mya couldn't quite figure out how to make contact with the ball but she was very good at knocking over the tee. She also was very good at telling Gabe were to stand to catch the ball which is what she's doing in this picture.

Alena Bena has just been cracking me up lately. She is learning new things everyday and of course the tee was just the right hight for her. She didn't hit the ball with the bat but instead would just knock it off with her hand much to the annoyance of her siblings.
Speaking of learning new things, this was the first time she successfully walked all the way down the driveway by herself without falling. Must have been the bat that helped her.

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Amy said...

I like Gabe's rain boots! What a fashion statment. You have very cute kiddos!