Saturday, July 26, 2008

Big Boy Room

I had to show off what my wonderful and very patient husband accomplished today. I got up this morning with the intention of "cleaning up" Gabe's room. I really try to limit the amount of toys he has out at one time, but somehow so much "junk" accumulates in there whether it be pieces of string tied on to rubber bands which I found today or broken happy meal toys. Once we started this process, I began to envision more of a big boy room and Nae graciously helped me complete the vision :)

First, Gabe had a Little Tykes tool bench that sat right here. It was an excellent thrift store find that was very well played with. Lately, though he had just been using it as a desk to write on and a place to store things. So, we put that up in the attic and Nae built this little desk instead. I think it's perfect for what he needs right now - shelves to put all his "treasures" on as well as a place to store pencils, paper, etc. Now I have to follow thru with the project and paint the desk. Next up, was the beds. Gabe had two beds in his room that were once mine that my Dad had made. Sometime after I had quit using these beds, my younger sisters had them in their room and the bunk bed was cut apart to make two separate beds. I knew Gabe would really enjoy them being bunked again, though and it would also free up a lot of floor space in his room. So, Nae with the help of Dad via the phone, figured out a way to do this. As you can see, Gabe was very excited about it. By the way, this first picture looks kind of funny, but the fireman hat you can see is actually a small ornament that is hanging from the light fixture.

Thanks, Nae, you're the best!

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