Saturday, July 05, 2008

Our July 4th - as it turned out

When kids are involved, things hardly ever turn out as you expect but somehow that still takes me by surprise. Take yesterday...our friends the Crooks had invited us over for an afternoon of swimming, a barbecue and fireworks. All was preceding along nicely, the kids were having a great time in the pool when Alena throws up - twice. Needless to say we had to pack up and go home much to Gabe and Mya's disappointment. They did get a couple hours of swim time , though and Alena seems fine this morning. She must have picked up a little bug somewhere. So far everyone else has escaped the illness but we'll see how long that lasts.

Gabe gets a little more brave every time he's in the water. He loved swimming with his buddies.
Mya always cautious, couldn't have on too many floats. Here she is sitting in Alena's swimming ring.
Alena had fun too, up until she got sick.
These pictures are from earlier in the week. Alena loves to be pushed around in the doll stroller and in fact sits in it much better than she does the big stroller. In this picture Mya is holding Alena's head so she's looking at the camera.

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