Saturday, July 05, 2008

A new look

I have been wanting to add a flower bed to the front of our house for a while now since last year when they put in our sidewalk they demolished the two small beds I had at the end of our driveway. When Julie came to visit a few weeks ago she brought me some purple plant (not sure of the name but she said it was very easy to grow) so we finally today got everything planted. I'm not sure why we waited until it was 90 degrees to do this - we were all guzzling water the entire time. Also I use the term "we" very loosely since Nae actually was the only one to stay out all day. I helped when the girls were napping but he did the majority of the work.

Here's Nae just getting started. This is a good "before" picture the whole area was rocky with a little grass to cover it up. This is the only picture I have of Mya because while she was very excited to go out and help, once out there she decided it wasn't really her thing and went back inside to get her purse and baby doll. Once it came time for the mulch, she walked around with her fingers in her nose the entire time saying, "That mooch stinks!
Gabe loves this kind of work and actually worked really hard. He stayed out just about the whole time and thankfully has gotten past his very sensitive nose. Notice both he and Mya have on their winter gloves - this didn't last long before they decided blisters would be better than sweaty hands.
Alena even got in on the action - throwing some dirt in the bucket.

Alena seems to be feeling a lot better, thankfully!
Gabe enjoying an ice cream truck treat for all his hard work.
Here's the finished product (ignore Nae's truck in the picture) and I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. We put one of the "purple plants" in between the monkey grass which you can't really see in the picture, but hopefully we can keep everything alive now. Nae also mulched all the other trees and flowers in our yard so everything looks nice and neat (even if the plants are dead). Thanks, Nae, for doing a great job and helping me get all this done!

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