Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Sidewalk paint

Well, since I showed you on the last post how we passed a rainy day, I'll show you what we did today - while the sun was shining. I had found this recipe in a magazine a while back and knew the kids would love it. So, we gave it a try today. For all you parents it's equal parts cornstarch and cold water then add food coloring. The first time we mixed it up I only did 1/4 cup of each and by the time I got them outside and came back in to grab Alena it was all gone. So, the second time I added a cup of each and this lasted a lot longer.
As you can see, they had a great time painting all over the place but didn't really paint a picture of anything. I tried to get them to paint a road for their bikes but they were much more interested in putting random lines all over the place.

Alena has gotten quite good at pushing her little walker around now that we have floors that will actually allow it to roll so she tried it outside today and thought that was pretty fun too.
I've had quite a few people (including her Daddy) comment recently that Alena is starting to look more like Mya so here, because I know all of you are so excited to look at yet another comparison picture (humor me here) are the two of them at the same age. What do you think?


E.H. said...

Does this mean Mya-Mya's now old enough to paint me a picture for my bathroom to hand with her brother's? :)
Love Ya'll!
Auntie Em

Amy said...

I can't wait to try your cornstarch paint. Raegan LOVES to paint our sidewalks, but that stuff is expensive. I just can't believe you let Mya paint in that pretty white dress. Raegan and I both end up with paint all over us.