Thursday, April 03, 2008

How we pass a rainy day

I feel like the last few weeks we have had far more days of rain than of sun, and while we certainly don't want to complain (remembering last summer) it does make for some very long days. That combined with the fact that Nae is doing lots of last minute studying for his PE exam next week and the kids haven't seen him since Tuesday has driven me to extreme measures :) Not really, but here's a few pics of our day.

This morning we painted rainbows which went along very well with the rainy theme and also for the letter R we've been learning this week. After lunch, I pulled out an old favorite - the tent - this kept them entertained for quite a while and we even left it up to read books in before bed tonight. Alena didn't pull it down, which was quite an accomplishment in and of itself.
Gabe and Mya don't really "play" in the tent they just enjoy taking things in and out of it and then pretend to be sleeping as they are in this picture.
After supper, I pulled out all the stops and since the rain was on a temporary hiatus, Gabe and Mya put on their boots and went out to splash and play in the rain/mud.
If you happen to not have three kids under four at your house you might ask if the mess was worth the thirty minutes of quiet I got from letting them outside. I can tell you, "Yes, oh yes, it most certainly was!" I stripped them down outside and they went straight into the bathtub.

What was Alena doing during all of this? Just being her cute adorable 'ole self. Check out this goofy grin.

The bad part - it's supposed to rain all day tomorrow too. What are we going to do...

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Julie Hamill said...

Rainy days certainly do stretch the imagination as you look for something new and exciting.

The floors look great!