Tuesday, March 18, 2008

More pics from VA

We're back home now, and our floors look GREAT! Nae and friends did a great job and I 'm sure they got it done much quicker than if we had all been here. Here's a few more pictures from our time in VA.

Gabe has been wanting to earn money lately. He wants to buy a "big" marionette puppet so, Grandmama gave him some money for helping her plant some flowers. - he worked pretty hard. A happy gardener.
Chrisa and Mya with their hoods up because it was so windy. Mya has always disliked the wind and I guess having her hood up keeps it from blowing in her ears.
Me and Emma
One afternoon, Mom and I took the kids to a little museum. They had this neat wigwam set up you could go into, but Mya was very hesitant to do so - she didn't like all the animal skins.She did however like the dolls they had dressed in period costumes and called out, "Cinderella, a princess" every time she saw one.

This was actually at our house one day last week but it was Alena's first time on the swing and she loved it. Look at that happy face.

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