Thursday, March 13, 2008

Enjoying Virginia

While Nae is at home in TN ripping up carpet and laying down hardwood floors in our house, the kids and I are here in VA visiting my family. It was fairly warm today so we went to the park for some playing and a picnic

Grandaddy, Grandmama, and AlenaGabe and Mya - they really do love each other!
It worked out well to come this weeks since Chrisa is home for her spring break. Here her and Mya pose.
Gabe and I
Grandaddy and Mya
Me, Grandmama and Alena
Chrisa's roommate, Megan, also was here (she left this afternoon) and here she is with Chrisa and Alena.
I should also mention that Emma had to work today and she did meet us for lunch but I have no pictures of that part :(

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