Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Lowe's men

We have a new Lowe's store that just opened up this week. Nae and Gabe went to check it out yesterday, and while they were there one of the employees gave Gabe one of their leftover kits from that morning's kid workshop. It was so cute with an apron, goggles, and a real little hammer. There was also a little tool box to put together. Here are Nae and Gabe assembling it last night. Gabe thought the goggles were very fun. He said he was going to save them for the swimming pool this summer. I had to explain that you used a different kind of goggles for swimming.
Here's the finished product - it turned out well. I think they'll try to make it for another project sometime.
I had to include this silly picture of Mya - it's hard to tell from the picture but she has three hair bows in. You can never have too many, I suppose.

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mom41995 said...

Clara, We go to the Lowe's program in York every other week. You must take Gabe and Mya as well. They won't let us keep the hammers but the kids each have an apron and you get a patch each time. It is really cool. The kids love it. Even when we don't have time to do the kit there, we go by and get them to bring home. You can register online or while you are there. I never register online, but I always go online just to check and see what the project will be. Obviously, we made these same toolboxes on Saturday as well. Were you able to print out the $10 coupon for a houseplant at Lowe's from Money Saving Mom blog from a few weeks ago? If not, try to take advantage of that deal. I did, and I'm using the plant as a birthday gift for my sister who turns 20 today, thought Curtis has begged for us to keep it.
I am so glad I can finally leave you a comment. I finally set up a google account so I can leave a comment without being anonymous, though I still don't have a blog.
I read yours and Carrie's and Emma's blog every week and I share it with Mark and the kids too. I can tell you must get Family Fun magazine like us, because we've done some of the same crafts. Too funny. I wish we lived closer so we could get the kids together and go places together etc...Of course with sickness though, it makes the winter months hard even if we were neighbors.
Take care. Love, Lesli Ann