Friday, December 07, 2007

Christmas Crafts

A lot of the fun of Christmas comes, of course , with the preparing and planning. It's the perfect time of year to do crafts with the kids and I've been trying to do a couple things a week with them. I find many of my ideas off others blogs or magazines and I thought if I put these here then next year I can look back and remember what I want to repeat.

First , our tree,which was by no means perfect when it was put up, but now after a week and a half of little hands touching, rearranging, and in general loving the ornaments, it looks well, pretty sad. Just this morning I was feeding Alena and looked over to see this hanging on the tree. Apparently, Gabe thinks that carabiners make pretty Christmas ornaments. Our project for today was cutting out cookies (only the refrigerated dough) and decorating them. The entire time we were preparing the cookies for baking, Alena was screaming in her mega saucer and by the time the cookies were cool, Mya was rapidly entering the grouchy stage so only Gabe made it to the actual decorating.
I got the idea of hanging the cookies from a magazine and I wish I could post the picture of their perfectly iced/decorated cookies because it makes this one just all the more cuter. Who needs those perfect cookies anyway?
Our finished product on display.
Another magazine idea and I really did most of this wreath, but I thought it was a different idea for Christmas decorating. The picture is off center because I was trying to keep myself from reflecting in the mirror. After completing the above wreath, Gabe and Mya decorated these Christmas trees with the left over stuff.
Finally our annual favorite from when I was little - gum drop trees and thankfully neither Gabe or Mya like gumdrops so there are no wet, sticky, licked off sugar gum drops on these trees (Emma!).

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