Monday, August 13, 2007

Beach Trip Post 2

Here's some more pictures if you're not tired of looking at them yet.

This was a favorite activity when we were indoors - riding on grown-ups shoulders and singing "The ants go marching one by one" Here Chrisa is holding RuthAnne.RuthAnne and Carrie
Emma and Alena
Grandaddy has Mya cracking up
One afternoon we went to the aquarium at Fort Fisher. It was a nice little aquarium to see especially with little ones in tow. We got to try out our Mei Tai carrier several times on this vacation. Nae wore Mya on his back the whole time we were at the aquarium since we only had one stroller.
Alena didn't care too much about the underwater life
Gabe modeling an octopus hat.
Can you tell we were all exhausted?
Here's proof that we can get three car seats in the back of our van - it's a tight squeeze, though.

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