Monday, August 13, 2007

Beach Trip Post 1

Sorry for the lapse in posting - we've been out of town on vacation. After traveling over 1,700 miles and spending more than 36 hours in the van we are happy to be back but had a great time at Oak Island Beach in NC with my family (minus Carrie's husband Robbie who had to work) As you can imagine we have tons of pictures so I've tried to narrow it down to a few favorites.

This picture just says it all - Gabriel in all his beach attire. Once again, he was afraid to get in the water and it took a considerable amount of coaxing to even get him into the wet sand but after he got to playing he had a great time. The temps were in the triple digits so several days we just went out in the evening when the sun was going down and it was much cooler. RuthAnne and Mya had fun in the sand as well and Nae kept them very happy digging little swimming pools in the sand.
This is how Alena enjoyed the beach - in the safety of our cabana out of the sun. When she was awake she didn't like it near as much especially the wind blowing in her face.

This is one of my favorite pictures of the week - if only Alena had been big enough to sit up there too.
Alena got lots of holding and cuddling time and as you can see she is becoming quite smiley.
Chrisa and Emma pose with our kiddos.
Grandmama, Chrisa, Emma, Daddy and Mya enjoying a walk on the beach.

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