Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Our trip to VA

We enjoyed a relaxing (as relaxing as traveling with three children can be) trip to VA to visit my family over the fourth. We had a great time visiting their local museum, shooting fireworks, and even swimming. Unfortunately, I didn't get a lot of pictures of our activities but here's a few of what we did get.

My silly kiddos modeling their hats we made to pass the time before leaving on Tuesday!
Alena enjoying life and so happy it's Independence Day!
Here's our whole crew at the museum except Gabriel is covering his face and most of Nae's as well. We really tortured our kids on the fourth - Mya screamed for the entire re-enactment they did at the museum due to the very loud noise of the guns and Gabe cried the whole time we shot off fireworks since he, for some unknown reason, decided to be afraid of them this year. Gabriel, Nae, Robbie, and Grandaddy - all the guysMya, Me, Emma, Chrisa, Grandmama, RuthAnne, Carrie, and Alena - all the girls. We definitely outnumber those boys!

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