Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Water Fun - Day 2

As promised, here are the playing in the sprinkler pictures. This first picture of Mya was as close as she got to the water. I guess she likes to know what she is getting into and walking into a stream of randomly shooting water is not her idea of fun. She even got upset when the water would start to splash on the steps where she was sitting. In her defense, I did have to wake her up from her nap (it was already 4 o'clock) so she probably wasn't in the best humor to do any playing. Scroll on down to see Gabriel enjoying some water fun.
In other news, I am very happy to say that I received my last progesterone shot today and the best news is that they seemed to have worked since I have not had any pre-term labor problems and thus no early trips to the hospital, steroid shots, etc. I only have about a week and a half left until I'm considered "full term." We are all getting very anxious to meet this new little one and pray for a healthy baby.

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