Thursday, February 01, 2007

We have the bug!

Our little Mya came down with some kind of bug yesterday. I think it's just a viral thing but as you can tell from this picture she isn't feeling very well. Notice her shoes. She went and got them this morning and sat down for me to put them on - over her pajama feet - and wore them like that all day. They match so nicely with the construction crew pajamas that are a hand-me-down from her brother. Thankfully, Mya is a pretty content sick person and just wants to sleep and read lots of books over and over and...And here is Gabriel who thankfully hasn't gotten anything, yet. Dare we hope that he will escape? He always tries so hard to smile in pictures that he often ends up making wierd faces like this one below.
This picture is from Sunday. Mya got this coat for Christmas, but it's been so warm she hasn't gotten to wear it much. Of course, that's all changed now, and we're thankfull to have this warm red coat.

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