Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles

Mya got this really neat bubble blower for Christmas; you just have to pull down the handle and bubbles come out. The weather was so nice today that we went out and gave it a test run. Both the kids loved it except Mya figured out quickly the little hole where the bubbles blew out and she liked to stick her finger in there and then of course it wouldn't work. Thanks Bing and Lisa for the great present! Enjoy the pictures.

I had a little talk with Gabe before we went out about sharing and how this was really Mya's present and he wasn't going to take it over even if Mya didn't do it the "right way." He did very well sharing and I thought this picture was so sweet of him patiently showing Mya how to pull down the handle.
This last picture is very random, but so Gabe. A good friend gave us a bag of hand-me-down clothes and in going through them I discovered this Lowe's apron. You wouldn't believe the fun he has had with this thing, "playing like I work at Lowe's." I'm not really sure why he has the hat on but doesn't it just add to the picture?

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