Sunday, December 31, 2006

Our Christmas

We had a great Christmas this year, and hope that all of you did as well. We spent Christmas Eve with Nae's family here in Nashville, Christmas morning was just us at our house, and then on to Virginia to spend the rest of the evening and the following week with my family. I know this post is really long but I had a hard time choosing which pictures to put on. Scroll down to see our Christmas in pictures.

After going to our church Christmas Eve service, we met Nae's family at the Chinese restaurant for a belated birthday celebration for Mathu. Gabe had very big issues with the fish/seafood smell in the place, but you wouldn't know it from this picture. He is all smiles!
We were so glad to get to visit with Nae's brother Bing and his wife Lisa who were in from Minnesota. The kids warmed up to them right away even though we hadn't seen them in a year and a half.
Christmas morning Gabe actually slept in until 7 (yes, that's late for him) but we ended up waking Mya up. She was a good sport, though and we all had a good time opening presents.
Mya posing with Daddy and her new baby.
Gabe got some really big blocks - here's his first try at building a castle.
Out of all the presents, Mya probably played with her new electric toothbrush that she got in her stocking the most. That figures of course.
Carrie (my sister) and her husband Robbie fixed us a wonderful dinner on Christmas night after a long afternoon of riding in the car. Here is Mya, Gabriel and RuthAnne (their little girl.)
Gabe was talking about it snowing in VA days before our trip and while they did get a very small dusting of snow, we were pleasently suprised at how warm the weather was all week. Here's Mya enjoying some outside time with Chrisa.
And, here is Gabriel helping Daddy wash the van. He brought his boots for snow, but they did come in handy for this little job.
Mya got these very cut pjs from Chrisa and Emma. I just laugh everytime I see her in them because they show off that fat little belly so perfectly.
One more picture of Gabe with his big blocks. He's peeking around the side of this very big fort.

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