Saturday, August 19, 2006

My first shoes

Earlier this week I got out a pair of Gabe's first tennis shoes and put them on Mya so she could practice pushing her walker outside. Well, it didn't go very well , because she hated having those shoes on. She kept pulling on them and then when I tried to stand her up, she wouldn't put her feet on the ground. After much practice, I finally got her to stand up with them on and here are the pictures to prove it. I can't believe our little baby is this big already!And here she is again posing with those shoes on. I thought her facial expression was so funny in this one.
I pulled all of Mya's hair up in a little ponytail this morning. You can't tell from the picture, but even the back is long enough to be pulled up.
For everyone that's heard about our little run-in or should I say back-in at the zoo this week, here's a picture of Gabe and our "crushed car" as he likes to call it. For the record it was equally my fault and the other guy who just happened to be driving an F250 - we both backed in to each other. Our car didn't stand much of a chance, though against that big 'ole truck.

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