Monday, March 02, 2015

Phone Pic Catch Up

1. While most of us have been healthy this winter, poor Laney has had her share of being sick. Seeing her curled up on my bed with the Kindle has been a common sight some weeks.
2. Mya dressed for 50's day at their tutorial
3. Eco-system science projects which thankfully were finished up this week. Fun project, but glad to have these things off my kitchen counter.
4. Alena has thoroughly enjoyed the new bike she got for Christmas
5. These two still love to dress up. These are their "poor people" costumes.
6. My new kitchen table!! Long time in coming, but Nae finally got it built and definitely worth the wait and we can all sit together now. He almost has the benches finished up too.
7. Gabe's 50's day dress-up
8. Eden finally lost her first tooth and you can tell she had been crying. She did not want me to pull it, but out it had to come the new one was growing in behind it.
9. This is a giant ice cream cone, and no she didn't eat the whole thing!


Julie said...

I like the table - good job Nae!

kristincrook said...

beautiful table, Nae! Are you building one for us next?