Friday, August 22, 2014

And then she was three

How in the world has this tiny baby,
become this big girl?
To celebrate, Eden, Laney, and I went with some friends to an indoor play place (after zoo plans were cancelled; just too hot!)
photo 1

photo 2
Happy birthday Laney LouLou!


Julie said...

Josie says she wishes she had a dress like that!

Nae and Clara said...

Ha! She can have it. When I pack up Gabe's clothes for the boys, I'll put the dress in there too. Laney is pretty tall and it's a size 4 so maybe Josie can wear it next summer. If not, there's always Katherine...

Julie said...

Well, maybe in 2 years seeing as she's still wearing a lot of 2T dresses this summer...thanks so much! We love hand-me-downs.