Monday, March 11, 2013

It's been almost a month...

So, I would love to say that I just haven't had time to blog lately, but the truth is I just haven't taken any pictures which is proven in this post. I have 4 pictures to share from the past month; really terrible. I hope that once spring arrives with some sunshine I will be more inspired to get out the camera. The dark, dreary days just don't lend themselves to getting pictures.

Nae headed out of the country at the end of February. He went to his sister's wedding in the Philippines. While he was gone, my Mom, Sister, Carrie, and her three kids came to visit. We had a great time, but again not many pictures were taken. Carrie did get this one of us Skyping with Nae. Please do not be fooled by the apparent calm in this shot, Skyping always involves all children trying to outdo each other both in talking the loudest and also in seeing themselves in the camera. It is utter chaos.

We also got to celebrate the birthday of one of our good friends. Again this shot was taken before the chaos insued of kids hyped up on cupcakes. This was the only moment of stillness for the afternoon, but so worth it as each of my kids (except Laney who is not big enough to care) has a buddy to play with when these friends come to visit, and they all get along so well.
And here a couple shots taken after a Sunday afternoon walk/bike ride.

Okay so hopefully, the rest of March will prove to be better in the picture taking department.

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Julie said...

Glad to see you back.