Saturday, November 24, 2012

Let me begin my saying that doughnuts are messy, even messier with five children.  I decided to continue a family tradition of getting doughnuts for breakfast on Black Friday.  Several years ago, I went on my Black Friday shopping spree with the condition that I would bring home doughnuts for the kiddos for breakfast.  We had to skip last year due to the fact that our number five (below with the doughnut in her  hand) was in the hospital with RSV.  So this year, while the mother is in the hospital, I decided to renew this tradition.  So here we go all five children in-tow (yes, you are wondering how in the world did the father dressed five children, brushed their teeth, brushed hair and make it to Krispy Kreme without one of the children one would know the truth or at least the whole truth) walking in Krispy Kreme.  Yes, I can hear it now from the mother.  What were people saying?  What comments did you get?  Well, to let you all know all I only received oohs and ahhs from admiring mothers and fathers...  Yes, yes, we husband do not get much credit for having our children out.  Again, after taking each child to pick their own doughnuts, I decided to take them home to eat their delicious doughnuts.  So below are some glimpses of our adventure. 

Laney enjoying one of her many doughnuts! 

Eden relishing her snowman doughnuts!

Mya really like her creme filled chocolate doughnut.

 Alena and Mya picked the same doughnuts. Something must be good with creme-filled doughnuts.

Gabe inhaling his doughnuts before I could snap a picture.

We miss the Momma and hope she is recovering quickly. We love you!!!

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