Thursday, October 04, 2012

Oh, my poor neglected blog...our fall schedule has me scrambling to keep up which has left me with little time for picture taking or blogging. One of these days, I'll get caught back up.

So, Saturday morning brought with it a little change of plans when Laney woke up with the left side of her jaw/neck swollen. A quick trip to the pediatrician and we were headed to the ER. Turns out she had an infection in one of her lymph nodes. On Sunday, Laney went into surgery to have the abscess drained and a drainage tube inserted. Finally, on Monday night, the antibiotics seemed to start working, and Laney began to improve. We were able to come home last night with Laney on the most nasty smelling antibiotic you can imagine. The abscess will hopefully continue to go down over the next few days.

All these pictures were taken yesterday, the day we were discharged. She wasn't feeling quite this perky at the beginning of our little stay, so it was really nice to see our 'ole Laney returning.  You can see in this picture how the side of her face is still swollen. It was at least 3 times this big on Saturday morning - pretty scarey to see.

"The jail" aka crib which was her least favorite place in the room. Very little time was spent in here even at night - she was mostly on someone's lap in the rocking chair.

The "Don't come near me!" face that she gave to everyone who entered the room which was an improvement over the scream every time the door opens phase. Those fingers were a life saver over the past few days. When they went in her mouth, you knew things were going to quiet down.

I was really concerned that after receiving constant 24 hour a day attention for 5 days including being held while sleeping, coming home would be a jolt of reality for Laney. So far, though she seems to be adjusting to real life just fine - she laid down in her own bed last night without a complaint.
Sitting here this evening, it's still hard for me to believe all that went on over the last few days, and I'm reminded for the second time with this little girl of just how quickly life can change. We are so thankful, that God chose once again to heal our little Laney Lou. 



Megan said...

So glad to hear Laney is home and feeling better! I've been thinking of your family this week.


E.S. said...

We are very THANKFUL Laney Loulou is home and getting back to her old self! We love you guys!