Thursday, August 30, 2012

Beach Trip (3)

The rest of the trip...
Daddy and Grandaddy dug out a small "pool" for the littles to play in every day.tn_IMG_6216 tn_IMG_6232 
These two spent hours talking and playing in the water's edge. tn_IMG_6236 tn_IMG_6241 
Gabe caught lots of tiny fish and would keep them in a bucket, releasing them when it was time to go in for the evening, and tn_IMG_6284 
he (left) and Nae (right) rode many waves onto the shore. tn_IMG_6247 
Lots of meals where eaten on the front porch and, tn_IMG_6257 
Grandmama and Grandaddy where brave enough to attempt this with us. tn_IMG_6299 
That wraps up the beach pictures. Thanks for sticking it out if you made it to the end of all 3 posts. Now I'm ready to go back. Anybody interested in a little vacation trip???


Julie said...

I feel like we're having the dueling beach posts! I'll be happy to join you anytime!

kristincrook said...

Me, me, take me!