Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What's the moral?

Mya had to do a re-telling of an Aesop's Fable for school on Monday. She chose to do The Fox and the Stork. They were all so cute. Here she is presenting in their "Greek Theater."
The fox:
and the stork:
The moral: Don't play a trick on someone unless you can stand for the same trick to be played on you.

Here we have some child labor going on.
Actually, Gabe has been asking to try out the Ergo so I let him wear Laney this evening while he was helping Nae with his plants.
Laney isn't picky about who is toting her around, just as long as someone is.


Julie said...

She's getting so big, but I can only imagine what would happen if we tried to do that around here!

E.S. said...

Way to go Mya11 Look like you had a fun time!
Gabe, I can't believe you are big enough to wear Laney in the Ergo! This summer you can tote A around!