Thursday, March 22, 2012

Random pictures

Picnik collage
(1) Gabe likes to be the one to get Laney out of bed in the morning (and he has since had a desperately needed haircut.)
(2) Nae and helpers began the process of mulching. He's done two truckloads so far and still has probably that much left to do.
(3) Laney is 7 months old today!
(4) Nae took this one. Laney is getting so big it's hard for Alena and Eden to hold her anymore.
(5) A lunch picnic is a good break from schoolwork.
(6) Love the way Eden's hair looks in this humid warm weather we've been having
(7) I'm not sure if this was a fort or an obstacle course, but you can imagine the running and jumping from chair to chair. I think this was on a rainy afternoon - I was desperate!
(8) Alena modeling too small sunglasses, and does that girl have a lot of hair or what?
(9)I love this picture of the girls with their hats and purses. I believe they were pretending to be at the beach.

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