Sunday, February 26, 2012

Visiting the zoo and China

The kids where out of school for President's Day, but we opted to carry on with school at home and then take off Thursday to do something fun. Thankfully, the weather on Thursday was fabulous so we went to the zoo. It had been a long time since we'd gone to the zoo - so long that Eden didn't even remember it!

It was such a fun day. We'll have to go again soon.
(The giraffes are my favorite.)
Then on Friday, Gabe and Mya finished up their study of ancient China with a Chinese tea party. I didn't get to go since Laney had a doctor appointment at the same time, so Nae went and took some pictures.
I think Mya might need a few pointers on chopstick use...They both said the food was good, but "not as good as Mathu's!"
Having a little celebration like this really makes for a neat way to tie up what they have studied. Now they're on to Greece so I wonder what kind of costumes I'll have to come up with for that?

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Anne said...

Gabe and Mya look VERY Chinese! Their attire looks very nice!! Love, Grandmama