Wednesday, February 01, 2012

A snapshot

Picnik collage
1. Alena still enjoys putting stickers all over her shirt
2. Eden's favorite "school" activity - cutting paper into tiny little pieces. (She doesn't enjoy the picking up near as much.)
3. Doing flips on the trampoline (I love, love the trampoline. The kids are out there all the time, and it burns off a lot of energy!)
4. Laney enjoys the megasaucer.
5. Alena's cute little smile and sparkley eyes...
6. Mya's first time giving Laney a bottle.
7. Mya takes a turn on the trampoline.
8. Gabe does some school work with a Mr. Lego man supervising.
9. Eden's cheesy smile. When Eden saw this picture she said, "That's a good one, Mommy! That's a good smile!"

(I'm taking full advantage of Picnik closing and using their now free premium stuff that I was always to cheep to pay for. I'm not happy about their closing, though. It's such an easy way to edit pictures.)


Julie said...

Have you read of any good (& free) alternatives to Picnik?

Chrisa said...

I agree with Eden, Momma, that WAS a very good smile! :) Such cute pics of everyone! Hope ya'll have a fun week with Grandmama!