Wednesday, February 09, 2011

What she wore...yesterday

Alena's the kind of kid who if I lay out her clothes the night before she gets up in the morning and puts them on - not usually a big deal. However, tell her just to go pick out something to wear and your in for a big treat. She'll bring out everything from the one not in season item hanging in her closet to her very best Sunday finery. If I suggest something, then you can guarantee the very opposite will be appearing.

So, when she came out yesterday looking like this, I accepted it as "not to bad" and let it go. I was very glad that I did when minutes later she was dancing around the kitchen and saying, "Mommy don't I look beautiful in my sweatshirt and ballerina skirt?"
And you know what? She did look beautiful because she was so happy and that outfit - it's just so her.
As are these pictures - a blur of activity dancing, spinning, jumping it's the way she spends all. day. long.

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