Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunny days

It's not going to get cold again, right? I'm sure this beautiful spring like February weather we've been having is just going to stick around.
Over the past week hours have been spent outside making recipes, riding bikes, fighting with sticks and even inventing a new game called "Mrs. Fly" which somehow involves sitting on this upside down slide and tipping it over. They think it's hilarious.
This blanket goes everywhere and it is very dirty and stinky yet she still sticks it right in her mouth. We'll count it as building her immune system.
Soccer practice starts up this week so practice with Daddy has started up too.
Not sure about this picture - he thankfully made it down without injury.
At least everyone has been able to spend time burning off lots of excess energy in preparation for the next cold spell.

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Julie said...

Don't even mention cold. Apparently the Farmer's Almanac was calling for a big snow around the 20th (Feb) but thankfully that didn't happen. We're all ready for spring!