Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ballet Time

Friday afternoon was Mya's Parents Observation Day for her ballet class. They do this instead of having a formal recital for the little ones. They also want a parent to dance with their child so today we recruted Aunt Noi to dance so I could take pictures and watch and Nae could watch and keep Eden some what quiet.
Ms. Jamie, Mya's teacher, told me she had never had a child as focused in class as Mya is. I mean she takes this seriously and pays attention the whole time.
I loved watching her do these toe points (and I'm sure there is a real name but I don't know what it is and Mya's asleep so I can't ask her.)
She stood perfectly straight and tall, never once letting her "plie` hat" fall off.
Here they danced around the room on their tiptoes while holding the hula hoop high in the air.
And, another time around the room this time skipping with a jump rope.
Auntie Noi was a good sport and she and Mya made a great team.
Here's a little video. Do try to forgive how out of focus this video is - I couldn't figure out how to get the thing in focus until about half way through.

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