Sunday, September 12, 2010

An evening at the park

In an effort to get everyone out of this rather small rental house we are in and to burn off some energy we tried out Edwin Warner Park today. We had never really spent much time at this park but everyone had such a great time today that I'm sure we'll be going back.

Eden is so close to standing up unassisted. I'm sure she's going to do it any day now.
Picnik collage
How cool is this bamboo tee-pee ? They had this whole natural play area that the kids loved.

In the center was a huge dirt mound; they could slide, dig and climb to their hearts content. Of course, everyone went right into the bathtub once we got home.
Picnik collage
Even Eden made it to the top of the hill after several tries and once she did, there was no stopping her. Every time we put her down she went right over to climb and even threw a little fit when it was time to go.

Oh, this picture is so Alena. She just insisted on carrying this very large stick while we were hiking. She is one determined little girl. There were several less than 1 mile hikes which made it easy to do a little walk without everyone getting too tired and grumpy.

A wonderful way to end a beautiful Lord's Day.

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Julie said...

Ooh, I want to make one of those teepees.