Monday, August 16, 2010

What we do when not on the beach

Since some time must be spent indoors even when at the beach, we've spent much time already playing games. One of the kids favorite is Uno Attack and a rousing game of it was played this evening before bed. (Thanks to Carrie for taking the pictures.)

Grandaddy and Alena
Chrisa and Mya
Megan and Ruth Anne
Sam and Will
Gabriel and Emma
I love this picture of Alena and Aunt Jane sharing a book this afternoon.
And finally the smallest person enjoying time with Daddy and Mommy - both of these are a little blurry but I still like them.



Amy said...

These are such good pictures! My favorite is the one of Alena and your dad. You can almost hear Alena laughing! Tell Carrie she did a great job.

Lisa Allen said...

Thinking about you guys! Looks like you are having a super time! Enjoy!


Michael T said...

You have a beautiful family!!! And if you'd like me too. I can sharpen your pictures for you... I use picnik to do them... it is fairly to use... but they don't look bad too me... LoL... Just a thought... Peace!!! To You & Yours

Michael T

P.S. No, I don't work for them :-)

Me said...

Beautiful photos, Clara! I love Eden's gummy smile in the last one, too!

Julie said...

Love the new header!